MySQL Optimization / Repair Information

How MySQL Uses Memory
This page lists some of the ways that the mysqld server uses memory, and associated mysqld variable names
Memory Use MySQL 5.0
Memory Use MySQL 4.1

MySQL Optimization which covers:
- Optimization Overview
- Optimizing SELECT and Other Statements
- Locking Issues
- Optimizing Database Structure
- Optimizing the MySQL Server
- Disk Issues
Optimization MySQL 5.0
Optimization MySQL 4.1

MySQL Server Variables - SQL layer or Storage Engine specific.
List some of the more common variables as well as a brief description
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Optimizing the mysqld variables by Ian Gilfillan
Great article on MySQL optimization, including some guidelines on what you should set mysqld server variable too.
(key_buffer_size, Query cache variables, table_cache, sort_buffer, etc..)
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Repairing Database Corruption in MySQL by Ian Gilfillan
Table corruption should be rare when using MySQL, however it helps to know how to fix the problem when it does occur.
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Optimizing MySQL: Queries and Indexes by Ian Gilfillan
The database is just too slow. Queries are queuing up, backlogs growing, users being refused connection. Management is ready to spend millions on "upgrading" to some other system, when the problem is really that MySQL is simply not being used properly. Badly defined or non-existent indexes are one of the primary reasons for poor performance, and fixing these can often lead to phenomenal improvements.
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Other MySQL Articles by Ian Gilfillan

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