Company Name Change to ExonHost

We will change company names soon for a legal lawsuit. There are no major changes within the company itself, just a change in company name and website name. The new name will be ExonHost.We wanted to let you know in advance because the name that appears on your invoice statements will not be HostPair LLC when this change occurs. It will be ... Read More »

29th Dec 2016
Added Auto IP Unblock Feature

We added Auto IP unblocking feature on our Portal. Now you can unblock your or your customer IP from our billing portal. To unlock your or your customer IP from our server firewall block just login to our portal then click on the "Support" menu and you will see sub menu. Then click on the "Unblock IP Address" and now unblock your IP or ... Read More »

28th Nov 2012
R1Soft Disabled

Due to recent performance problems with some servers caused by R1Soft we will be upgrading to CDP 3.0, the latest version of the R1Soft server software. Full details on the benefits the upgrade brings will be detailed in another email once the upgrade has been completed. The current R1Soft backups will be disabled for 48 hours while this ... Read More »

13th Jun 2011
Emergency Drive Swap - 15/12/2010

Our monitoring system has alerted us of a failed harddrive in UK server. As we run RAID protected storage no data has been lost and all websites are running as normal, however the following window has been scheduled for the drive replacement: Date: 15th December 2010Expected Downtime: ~15mins The drive change will only take a few minutes to ... Read More »

14th Dec 2010
Scheduled Reboots

We will be rebooting our uk server to complete the installation of CloudLinux. We will begin rebooting at midnight UK time, rebooting one server then waiting for it to become active before rebooting the next. Cloudlinux is an operating system built with stability in mind with a technology called Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE). LVE is ... Read More »

25th Oct 2010

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