How to install Mysql

How to install Mysql Via RPM :

Please check the following link and get RPM

in above list (not rpm) click on the version for which you want to install mysql
than click on the operation system
than on the version of operating system
here you should download RPM for

Download them on your server and install them (all with one command )

rpm –Uvh *rpm

How to Upgrade Mysql On Cpanel:

When a Client ask to update the Mysql than check these things
I )
Whether he is on VPS (go to billing and check)
II )
Whether he is on Cpanel or not … for this go to /usr/local…. Here must be cpanel

Go to WHM and change the MySql version (tweak settings > mysql) and than in shell run /scripts/mysqlup
Than you have to run /scripts/easyapache.
When you update the mysql than you will have to recompile the php because whenever you run the php it is using the mysql libraries, so when you update the mysql it is essential for php to update …. So easyapache recompile the php and it also update the apache server.

Check the version of php with this command

Php –v
Now check the file
And see whether the lines are commented or not
If commented …. It means that php is running as a cgi scripts
If not commented…it means that php is running as a apache module

LoadModule php4_module libexec/ -- as apache module
#LoadModule php4_module libexec/ --as cgi module

There is difference in ownership when it is running as a cgi script or running as a apache module.

Downgrade mysql on Cpanel:

If a client ask you to downgrade mysql to some earlier version, than it must be kept in mind that the databases may not work for some earlier version, for this you have to take the dump of mysql in such a way which should be compatible to earlier version, for this you can use the following command.,

mysqldump -u root -p --create-options --compatible=mysql40 db_name > db_name.sql

where 40 is 4.0 , you can change this value with some for which you want to create a dump.
Better to ask the client to perform this step himself,
as this is end user task. But it is essential to warn him with this problem before moving any further.

Upgrade/install mysql on directadmin

How to upgrade Mysql on Interworx

some times there may be some dependencies on the server, you have to resolve those dependencies.

rpm -ihv
yum remove php-pdo
yum update php
service httpd restart

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