WHM 11 reseller series

  1. How to login to WebHost Manager (WHM)
  2. What is the difference between WHM and cPanel?
  3. Becoming familiar with, and navigating around in WHM
  4. How to change your WHM theme
  5. How to setup your Remote Access Key
  6. Checking your Server Status and information
  7. How to create hosting packages
  8. How to edit or delete hosting packages
  9. How to create a new hosting account
  10. Disable or enable Demo mode
  11. How to limit bandwidth usage in WHM
  12. How to modify the suspended accounts page
  13. How to modify an account
  14. How to change an account password
  15. How to modify an account's quota
  16. Learning about the skeleton directory
  17. Suspending or unsuspending an account
  18. Terminate an account in WHM
  19. How to upgrade/downgrade an account
  20. Using multi-account functions
  21. Managing Frontpage extensions
  22. Using the Feature Manager in WHM
  23. Managing DNS zones
  24. Managing MX entries
  25. How to park a domain
  26. Using Mail Troubleshooter
  27. Using cPanel Branding
  28. Using cPanel/WHM News
  29. Generating and Installing SSL certificates
  30. How to change your WHM password
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